Requesting Access to PIC Clinical Databases

The contents of restricted-access clinical databases maintained by PIC were derived from original data that contained protected health information (PHI), as defined by HIPAA and Chinese local regulations. The providers of the data have given scrupulous attention to the task of locating and removing all PHI, so that the remaining data can be considered de-identified and therefore not subject to the HIPAA Privacy Rule restrictions on sharing PHI. Nevertheless, because of the richness and detail of the PIC clinical databases, they will be released only to legitimate researchers under the terms and conditions described on this page.

If you agree to all of these terms and conditions, access to restricted information within PIC clinical databases may be granted to you as an individual. Your colleagues may obtain access to these data as individuals via the same procedure you are following.You can not share the data with your colleagues


PIC Clinical Database Restricted Data Use Agreement

If I am granted access to PIC Clinical Databases, I agree to the terms and conditions below:

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  1. I will not attempt to identify any individual or institution referenced in PIC restricted data.
  2. I will exercise all reasonable and prudent care to avoid disclosure of the identity of any individual or institution referenced in PIC restricted data in any publication or other communication.
  3. I will not share access to PIC restricted data with anyone else.
  4. I will exercise all reasonable and prudent care to maintain the physical and electronic security of PIC restricted data.
  5. If I find information within PIC restricted data that I believe might permit identification of any individual or institution, I will report the location of this information promptly by email to, citing the location of the specific information in question so that it can be investigated and removed if necessary.
  6. I have requested access to PIC restricted data for the sole purpose of lawful use in scientific research, and I will use my privilege of access, if it is granted, for this purpose and no other.
  7. I have completed a training program in human research subject protections and HIPAA or other related regulations, and I am submitting proof of having done so.
  8. I will indicate the general purpose for which I intend to use the database in my application.
  9. If I openly disseminate my results, I will also contribute the code used to produce those results to a repository that is open to the research community.
  10. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, but my obligations with respect to restricted data from PIC shall continue after termination.
  1. 我将不会尝试识别PIC数据库中涉及的个人和机构的真实身份。
  2. 我将采取一切合理和谨慎的措施,以避免在任何出版物或其他通讯中披露PIC数据中提及的任何个人或机构的身份。
  3. 我不会将PIC数据共享给任何人。
  4. 我将采取一切合理和谨慎的措施,以确保PIC数据的物理和电子安全。
  5. 如果我发现PIC中存在可以确认个人和机构信息的数据,我将及时报告相关内容给PIC的管理者。
  6. 我将利用PIC仅开展申请数据时所描述的研究,不做其他用途的研究。
  7. 我接收过涉及人的研究中关于隐私保护等相关专业培训,并获取过相关证书,并将提交相关的证明文件。
  8. 我将在申请中阐述利用PIC的主要目的。
  9. 如果我公开发表我的研究结果,我将共享相关的代码可以重现相关的研究。
  10. 该授权协议可以被两方来中止,但是对于承诺的以上对PIC责任将继续有效。